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Blog Organization

One thing I liked very much when I started exploring the world of static blog generators was the ability to have the raw data (the markdown) of all of my posts in a git repository. Nicely versioned and all.
But I didn’t want this repository to be public - no one really needs to see the intermediate states of my posts. Additionally, I didn’t want my posts to be in that huge Octopress repository. On the other hand, I did want my actual Octopress configuration to be public, so others could have a look when setting up Octopress themselves. It was helpful for me to be able to look at other people’s configuration.

To achieve both goals, I simply added my private repository with the posts as a submodule to the public repository containing Octopress itself.
The submodule resides at source/_posts - that’s where Octopress expects the posts to be.
So, even though my posts are now in another repository, Octopress can still pick them up without a problem or any configuration changes!